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Pet means Life : Introductory Post

Pet means Life : An introductory Post

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Dear Pet Parents,

                What is a pet? or Who are pets?

         This question may be different for everyone, but for those who are pet parents, this is not a question for them but for their whole life. For some people who only see a pet from a distance, it is just a definition, nothing more.


Let us understand this through examples:

Example 1: If you ask on Google what is a pet, then according to the Google search result, pets are those animals that you do not keep for food or work, but keep for pleasure. which is nothing more than a definition.


Example 2: According to Wikipedia, animals that are not kept to work animals, livestock, and laboratory animals, but are kept for a person’s company and entertainment are called pets.


Example 3: If you ask any online or offline dictionary the same question, the answer is that a pet is someone you keep as a companion and lovingly take care of.


          If you ask the same question to a pet parent, then it is not a question for him but his whole life which he cannot describe in words because a pet is not an animal for him but an emotion.


          For our pet parents, we have brought “a treasure trove of enlightenment, informative and reviewed knowledge” by which you can plan a lot of strategies for your pet animal, including their betterment, lifestyle, health, care, and all other needs. you will find this new series of “PetsPaa” very useful to be with us.


          If you are also a pet parent and facing many problems in daily life for your pet and you always keep scrolling online for their solutions then you have come to the right place, now all your problems are solved by “PetsPaa“, which we fully assure you.

          We will try to provide one-stop solutions for all pet animals viz. Dogs, Cats, Birds, Fish, and other aquatic life and facilitate knowledge on every aspect related to pets like their Breeds, Feeding, Breeding, Health, Growth, Housing Management, Diet, Nutrition, Vaccination, Behaviour, Training, accessories, and Hostel needs.

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          Hope you will like the information given by us shortly, which will be very useful for you as well as your pet, so all of you stay with us till…….

"Be Petspaa, Do PetsPaa"
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